Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place is a speed test which first selects a server, followed by a ping test, a downloadspeed test and an uploadspeed test. The speed test automatically detects your IP address and your internet service provider.

There is an option to select a server which will be used for the test.

Free to use

Bandwidth Place is free but there are ads so the speed test earns no points.

Easy to use

Bandwidth Place earns 1 point because it passes the WCAG 2.0 Level A test.

Another point is earned because only 1 click is necessary to start the test. Note that the website uses cookies, but doesn't notify the user regarding these cookies. Hence there is no click needed for the cookie notification.

Accuracy and consistency

Tested with a clean version of Chromium, throtteld at 30Mbps (30720 kbps) the following measurements are done.

Test Server: EU - Hague, NL

  1. 28.69Mbps (23 seconds)
  2. 28.75Mbps (13 seconds)
  3. 28.67Mbps (13 seconds)
  4. 28.67Mbps (13 seconds)
  5. 28.75Mbps (14 seconds)

Test Server: EU - Amsterdam, NL

  1. 28.72Mbps (22 seconds)
  2. 28.77Mbps (13 seconds)
  3. 28.75Mbps (13 seconds)
  4. 28.82Mbps (13 seconds)
  5. 28.75Mbps (14 seconds)

That gives an average of 28.7Mbps and a standard deviation of 0.05Mbps for the downloadspeed. The average and standard deviation for the time required are respectively 15 seconds and 4 seconds.

With a server manually selected at the other side of the world (Test Server: AU - Sydney, AU), the results are:

  1. 23.35Mbps (14 seconds)
  2. 23.42Mbps (14 seconds)
  3. 23.49Mbps (14 seconds)
  4. 23.46Mbps (14 seconds)
  5. 23.42Mbps (14 seconds)

That gives an average of 23.4Mbps and a standard deviation of 0.05Mbps for the downloadspeed. That is 18% slower than the previous test.

Tested with a clean version of Firefox, throtteld at 30Mbps (Wi-Fi) something strange happens. Initial the downloadspeed measuered is roughly 44Mbps, quickly it drops till circa 30 Mbps, and finally the endresult is 44Mbps.

It is clear that Bandwidth Place doesn't work fine with a throtteld Firefox browser.