Of course there is a top 5 best speed tests. However, the overview below provides useful practical advices. The first advice is therefore: Continue reading this web page.

Fastest speed test

If you want to know your internet speed as soon as possible, use ZOMDir's Internet Speed at a Glance. This speed test gives you a rough indication of your internet speed.

Most accurate speed tests

If you want a relatively accurate speed test, it is best to use one of the following speed tests:

  1. Google Fiber - a highly recommended speed test
  2. Measurement Lab - as good as Google Fiber but slightly slower

Normally these speed tests are the best speed tests you should use.

If you look at the features of these speed tests, the differences for most parts are negligible. Of these speed tests, Google Fiber is the most climate-friendly speed test. Which of these speed tests is best for you depends on your personal preference.

True internet speed

If you want to know your true internet speed (which is 12% higher than advertised), you should use

Most details

If you want to know as much details as possible of your internet speed use the speed test of Cloudflare.

Specific purpose

If you want to do a speed test with a specific purpose in mind, use the Interactive Speed Test Advisor.

Use the Dynamic Speed Test Advisor if you are looking for a speed test with specific characteristics.

Finally, you can also select a speed test based on criteria such as:

  1. Usually the best speed test
  2. The most accurate speed test
  3. The amount of data a speed test uses
  4. The most climate-friendly speed test
  5. The most accessible speed test

Note that these recommendations are very different from the recommendations of other speed test tests.