The original Google Fiber speed test Google Fiber speed test (The original -) 0 5/5 stars ★★★★★ Hans van der Graaf

The original Google Fiber speed test located at is by far the best speed test there is. The speed test is accurate, fast, ads free and don't use cookies at all.

This speed test was created for the Google Fiber gigabit internet customers to test their internet speed. Fortunately, this speed test can be used by everyone.

The original Google Fiber speed test is a mainstream speed test. In other words, the results are in line with the advertised speed of your ISP.

Google Fiber is first seen on the Wayback machine October 2015.

Google Fiber was the number 1 speed test in the first ultimate speed test test of 2020 and got the highest overall score in 2022. Hence Google Fiber is a highly recommended speed test.

Google Fiber recommends Ookla Speedtest

The speed test is much much better then the Ookla clone which is hosted at The only positive thing about Ookla clones is that they are the gold standard, but probably more importantly, they are ISP independent speed tests.

That is probably the reason that nowadays, Google Fiber Help states that you should run an Ookla Speedtest.

The Google Fiber speed test used to have two URLs

Remarkably, there were two URLs that can be used to start the original Google Fiber speed test, namely


The speedtest variant nowadays redirects to

Note that the URL start with http, hence the connection between browser and server isn't secure. A secure connection doesn't really seem necessary for a speed test. However, Google Fiber's speed test is one of the few speed test that does not have a secure connection.

Reload sometimes required

Very occasionally, when starting a retest, the Google Fiber speed test indicates that it needs to be reloaded. This is most likely due to an unstable internet connection.

Google Fiber requires sometimes a reload

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding Google Fiber.