The speed test tests


2023 started with a test regarding dark mode support, followed by a test that looks at the visibility of speed tests in the search engines Google and Bing (Google versus Bing).

The very first test of the Ultimate Speed Test Test was with a throtteld browser. With the nowadays knowledge it was time for a serious throtteld browser test. A follow-up test learns that six speed tests accept the throttled browser speed.

In 2023 it was tested that all speed tests works fine in incognito mode. Which of course was to be expected.

One of the most common questions regarding speed tests, is "Which speed test is most accurate?". The 100.8 test gives an answer when your advertised internet speed is 100 Mbps.

In 2023 some tests are done regarding the accessibility of speed tests. These speed test accessibility tests are:

  1. High contrast speed tests
  2. Speed tests with alternative text for images
  3. Speed tests with form label
  4. Speed tests and empty links


In 2022 the focus was on Ookla's Speedtest and speed tests with comparable results.

Also in 2022, my internet provider increased my internet speed to 100 Mbps. This made my home network the bottleneck. The 2022 home network (speed) test gives weird results.

This test was the reason to reduce the number of speed tests to be tested. Which speed tests to test indicate which speed tests are interesting to test.

Also in 2022, I discovered the API Sample Page which is a promising speed test.

After I upgraded my home network, it was possible to test the influence of the limiting network components in a structured way. The results of these tests can be found in the second ultimate home network test.

A very different test that was performed in 2022 is the "Does a speed test need JavaScript?" test. It won't surprise you that the answer is "Yes".


In 2021 I focussed on the lowest bias compared to the delivered internet speed.


In 2020 I started testing speed tests. In first instance I thought it would be a good idea to use a throtteld browser to test the speed tests to create a stable test situation. However almost all speed tests gives an internet speed above the throtteld speed. Besides that not all speed tests did work in combination with a throtteld browser, hence I decided to test the speed tests without throttling.

To my surprise I discovered that the delivered internet speed is significant higher than the advertised internet speed. Hence I did a double check and updated the speed test test of 2020.