Speed tests and empty buttons


One of the biggest problems with website accessibility are empty buttons. This is because screen readers need some text to read.

Therefore, WAVE is used to test which speed tests have empty buttons.

Of the top 10 speed tests, only Google Fiber has empty buttons.



  1. Introduction
  2. Method of measurement
  3. Speed tests to test
  4. The measurements
  5. Conclusions


One of the most common accessibility failure mentioned in The WebAIM 2023 report on the accessibility of the top 1,000,000 home pages is "Empty buttons". That is, the button doesn't contain a text that could be interpreted by a screen reader.


Method of measurement

For this test, we use WAVE and take a look at the details of the errors.

All cookie banners and so on are accepted before we start WAVE with Shift-Ctrl-U. When a speed test starts automatically, WAVE is started when the test is completed.


Speed tests to test

Because this is a relative simple test, the unique speed tests as collected at ZOMDir will be tested.


The measurements

  1. Astound speedtest 0 empty buttons
  2. Bandwidth Place 2 empty buttons
  3. Bredbandskollen 0 empty buttons
  4. Broadband Internet Speed test (Gone) 0 empty buttons
  5. Broadband Speed Checker 0 empty buttons
  6. Cloudflare 0 empty buttons
  7. Comparitech 0 empty buttons
  8. DSLReports 0 empty buttons
  9. Fast 0 empty buttons
  10. Fireprobe 1 empty button
  11. Google Fiber 2 empty buttons
  12. Internet Speed at a Glance 0 empty buttons
  13. LibreSpeed 0 empty buttons
  14. M-Lab 0 empty buttons
  15. Meter.net 0 empty buttons
  16. N Perf 0 empty buttons
  17. Ookla Speedtest 0 empty buttons
  18. Open Speed Test 0 empty buttons
  19. SamKnows 0 empty buttons
  20. SpeedCheck 0 empty buttons
  21. SpeedOf.me 0 empty buttons
  22. SpeedOf.me API Sample Page 0 empty buttons
  23. SpeedSmart 0 empty buttons
  24. Speedtest4.PHP 0 empty buttons
  25. TestMy.net 0 empty buttons
  26. Toast 0 empty buttons
  27. Which Broadband Speed Test 3 empty buttons
  28. Xfinity xFi Speed Test 0 empty buttons

The Xfinity xFi Speed Test didn't allow to start WAVE with Shift-Ctrl-U, hence this speed test is tested manually via the WAVE website.



  1. There are 24 speed tests with 0 empty buttons
  2. Google Fiber is the only speed test in the speed test top 10 with empty buttons