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  1. RealSpeed

  2. Google Fiber
  3. M-Lab
  4. ...

Use the Interactive Speed Test Advisor if you want to find a speed test with a specific purpose in mind.

Everything you need to know

If you're serious about getting into speed tests, you need to know what a speed test measures, why speed tests give different results and which factors makes a speed test excellent.

Perhaps the best summary can be found at the Did you know that ... page.

What a speed test measures

With a speed test you measure the bottleneck link between you and the speed test's test server. That is you measure the bandwidth of the link with the lowest capacity...
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Why speed tests give different results

When you test your internet speed with different speed tests, you will get different results even if you have the same test conditions. The standard explanation for this is that each speed test is programmed in a unique way. However that is probably not the only reason ...
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What makes a speed test excellent?

If you want to rate speed tests, you need to know what criteria the rating is based on. After performing several speed tests, the conclusion is that an excellent speed test has the following characteristics ...
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Results of the ultimate speed test test

It is not easy to unambiguously determine what the best speed test is. This depends on the importance you assign to a criterion. Think of criteria such as: usually the best, the most accurate, the most climate-friendly or the most accessible.

The most accurate speed test

Which speed test is most accurate depends on the speed you measure (or expect to measure). M-Lab is the only speed test that appears in the top 3 of most accurate speed tests for every speed tested.
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The most privacy-friendly speed test

While testing online privacy of speed tests, we found that every speed test we tested that places cookies is not GDPR compliant. The number of privacy-friendly speed tests is therefore limited. Well known privavy-friendly speed tests are: Cloudflare, Fast and Google Fiber.

The most usable speed test

While testing the Usability of speed tests, we concluded that there are a lot usable speed tests. Well known usable speed tests are Cloudflare and Fast.

The most climate-friendly speed test

Speed test loads a lot of data to measure your download speed. Due to the widespread use of speed tests, they contribute significantly to global CO2 emissions. It is therefore preferable not to use a speed test if it is not really necessary. Should you use a speed test? Then use Internet Speed at a Glance or ...
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The most accessible speed test

The accessibility of speed tests can be measured in many ways, the disabilities, like color blindness, low vision, tremors and loss of fine muscle control, and the WCAG guidelines determines what should be measured. Our advice for the most accessible speed test is based on 24 different tests.

All speed tests

The main findings of each tested speed test are available at the Speed tests page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prefer a list of questions and answers regarding speed test, then you should read the ultimate speed test test FAQ.