The M-Lab speed test M-Lab speed test 0 5/5 stars ★★★★★ Hans van der Graaf

Formally the M-Lab speed test, although often referenced to as the Measurement Lab speed test, became available in January 2009.

M-Lab is a mainstream speed test. In other words, the results are in line with the advertised speed.

M-Lab was the number 2 speed test in the ultimate speed test test 2022 (number 1 was Google Fiber).

M-Lab considers their speed test as a Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT). The way M-Lab's NDT works has evolved over time.

M-Lab was founded by New America’s Open Technology Institute, the PlanetLab Consortium, Google, and a group of academic researchers.

Nowadays M-Lab is a fiscally sponsored open source project of Code for Science and Society .

As stated at the about page: (...) M-Lab is an open source project with contributors from civil society organizations, educational institutions, and private sector companies (...) M-Lab aims to advance Internet research by empowering consumers with useful information about their Internet performance (...)

Google is a founding member of M-Lab and still supports it, hence it isn't that strange the when you Google speed test, you get the option to start the M-Lab speed test directly.

Google's first result when you Google for 'speed test'

It is striking that the two best speed tests according to the ultimate speed test test (Google Fiber and M-Lab) are related to Google. Well done Google.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding M-Lab's speed test.