Did you know that ...

This is the most complete list with facts regarding speed tests

  1. Google Fiber is the best speed test there is, according to the following tests: 2022 (details) and 2020 (details)
  2. The second best speed test is M-Lab
  3. When you Google speedtest you get the suggestion to perform a M-Lab based speed test
  4. Bing also shows a speed test in their search results when you search for speed test internet
  5. A 30 second knockout criterion is fatal for most speed tests, including Ookla's Speedtest and Fast
  6. The Ookla Speedtest is used or recommend by the majority of ISP's
  7. The exact worldwide number of ISP's is unknown
  8. A fairly safe assumption is that there are 5,000 to 10,000 unique ISPs worldwide
  9. There are probably thousends of custom speed tests
  10. There are circa 25 unique speed tests
  11. It is no coincidence that different speed tests give different results, they are programmed that way for a reason
  12. Speed tests can be divided into realistic, mainstream and conservative categories
  13. A mainstream speed test yields more or less the advertised speed
  14. In practice, the actual internet speed is 10-12% higher than advertised
  15. A realistic speed test yields more or less the actual speed
  16. A conservative speed test is often developed with the business goal in mind
  17. For most people, a mainstream speed test like Google Fiber is enough
  18. There are only 4 flawless speed tests (the rest is crossed out based on accuracy or usability)
  19. There is no recommended speed test to test your actual internet speed
  20. The best speed test to test your actual internet speed is SpeedOf.me, however SpeedOf.me takes a long time to complete
  21. Speed test loads a lot of data to measure your download speed
  22. Speed tests are one of the most used tools at the internet
  23. Speed tests contribute significantly to global CO2 emissions
  24. There is a simple rule of thumb for determining the carbon footprint of a speed test
  25. The carbon footprint in grams of CO2 is twice the download time in seconds
  26. Internet Speed at a Glance is by far the fastest, and most climate-friendly, speed test there is
  27. A real-world speed test is only negatively affected by two things, namely Wi-Fi issues and large downloads
  28. Typically, a real-world speed test measures the bandwidth of the home network, not the bandwidth provided by the ISP
  29. To measure the bandwidth of the ISP, the home network must be able to easily handle the expected bandwidth
  30. It is best to run a speed test with a wired network to rule out Wi-Fi issues
  31. Large downloads have a huge negative impact on a speed test, so it is often recommended to test on an updated system as the sole user