The Cloudflare speed test

Cloudflare is a relative new speed test. The Cloudflare speed test became available in May 2020.

Cloudflare is a mainstream speed test. In other words, the results are in line with the advertised speed of your ISP.

The Cloudflare speed test gives a lot of information and has a nice interface.

Cloudflare is measuring the download- and uploadspeed multiple times. When we test the Cloudflare speed test, the 100kB, 1MB, 10MB and 25MB download tests were executed. The corresponding results are presented in clear graphs.

The 100kB, 1MB, 10MB and 25MB download measurements performed by the Cloudflare speed test

These graphs indicate that the larger the download, the more accurate the measurement.

The only drawback of this speed test is the time it takes to complete the test. It is that long that it didn't met the knock-out critirium of 30 seconds used in all tests. Hence this speed test is not recommended for regular use.

However when you need indepth information regarding your internet speed, Cloudflare is a good choice.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding Cloudflare.