The Fast speed test Fast 0 3/5 stars ★★★☆☆ Hans van der Graaf

When Netflix, Inc. launched Fast in May 2016, it was big news.

The logo of the Fast speed test

This was not because Netflix created a speed test. The main reason was that Netflix created with Fast the simplest internet speed test ever.

The secret? A great user experience.

  1. The user interface is clear
    1. only the download speed is measured and shown
    2. there are no ads
  2. The speed test starts directly
    1. there are no options
    2. there isn't a cookie banner
  3. The download speed is shown in rounded numbers

The Fast speed test uses the Netflix servers to test your download speed. Because of this you should be able to detect with the Fast speed test if your ISP is throttling your video streaming.

Fast is too slow

The fast internet speed test has a few drawbacks:

  1. It takes a long time to determine the final internet speed
  2. Fast has a relatively large standard deviation
  3. Fast is not accurate

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding Fast.

The use of the Fast internet speed test is only recommended when you have problems watching Netflix.

An alternative conservative speed test is Bandwidth Place.