The speed test became available in December 2011. is a realistic speed test. In other words, the results are in line with the real speed as delivered by your ISP.

The speed test was essential to confirm that your ISP's actual download speed is 12% faster than advertised. was the #1 speed test in the updated speed test test of 2020 speed test and the 2021 speed test test.

Unfortunately, with 51 seconds, the knockout criterion of 30 seconds was not met. is therefore not recommended for general use.

Another minor issue is that if the browser is halfway up the computer screen (i.e. 960 pixels wide), the repeat button won't work. When that is the case you better use the mobile version. Use the link: is intelligently programmed

The speed test is an intelligently programmed speed test.

  1. Your bandwidth is tested in several passes. Starting with 128kB, the test file sizes doubles until it takes longer than eight seconds to download the sample file. The largest test file used is 128MB
  2. When the test is started, the quickest and most reliable server, not necessarily the nearest, would be chosen. has over 130 servers located around the world that can be used for your speed test.

The first HTML5 speed test

According to the about page of, was the first HTML5 speed test.

In December 2011, we created the first HTML5 broadband speed test. SpeedOf.Me (Speed of me), is a pure HTML5/JavasScript speed test which relies only on browser core technologies. SpeedOf.Me was designed to work on any browser that supports HTML5, including desktop browsers and mobiles like iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Windows.

Note that this about text hasn't significantly changed since the start. The about texts of 2012 and 2022 are mostly the same.

The first version we could found at the Wayback Machine is version 0.2 of February 2, 2012.

The first version of The first occurence of version 1 at the Wayback Machine is at June 28, 2012.

Version 2.9.27 of Version 2 is found at February 4, 2013.

The first version 3 version (version 3.0.2) of is found at July 7, 2019.

Version 3.1.183 of The current version (at the moment of writing version 3.1.183) is found at May, 4, 2022.

The API has an excellent API which could be used to create your own speed test.

There is a sample page for this API, and believe it or not. This simple sample page is one of the best speed tests there is. It is even better as the original test, because:

  1. It offers the option to select which tests you want to perform
  2. The speed test is as accurate as
  3. With all options disabled and "Faster Test" selected, the test in done in a few seconds

I am convinced that this API can be the basis of an excellent speed test.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding