Measurement Lab

The speed test of Measurement Lab's speed test or short M-Lab is a which first tests your upload speed, followed by your download speed.

Free to use

Measurement Lab is free, there are no ads so the speed test earns 1 point.

Easy to use

Measurement Lab's speed test didn't pass the WCAG 2.0 Level A test.

Before you start the speed test you have to accept the data policy, so 2 clicks are needed to start the test, so 0 points are earned.

Accuracy and consistency

Tested with a clean version of Chromium, throtteld at 30Mbps (Wi-Fi) something strange happens. The downloadspeed measuered is roughly 51Mbps, that is downloadspeed expected when there is no throttling.

It is clear that M-Lab doesn't work fine with a throtteld Chromium browser.

Tested with a clean version of Firefox, throtteld at 30Mbps (Wi-Fi) the following measurements are done. the downloadspeed measuerd is again roughly 51Mbps.

So, M-Lab also doesn't work with a throtteld Firefox browser.

Second change

Based on the results of other speed tests with a throtteld browser, it is decided to perform the following test for M-lab's speed test.

A test in the wild

Tested with Firefox the following measurements are done.

Test Server: Amsterdam, NL

  1. 50.75Mbps (22 seconds)
  2. 50.75Mbps (21 seconds)
  3. 50.76Mbps (21 seconds)
  4. 49.22Mbps (21 seconds)
  5. 50.78Mbps (21 seconds)

That gives an average of 50.5Mbps and a standard deviation of 0.69Mbps for the downloadspeed.