SpeedOf.Me first test your download speed, followed by your upload speed and the latency.

When the test is finished your IP address and the used test server is shownn.

Free to use

SpeedOf.Me is free, there are ads so the speed test earns no points.

Easy to use

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To start the speed test you first have to confirm that you have the Privacy Policy and that you consent to the use of specific Cookies. So 2 clicks are necessary to start the test. So SpeedOf.Me earns no points for this, although a retest is possible with one click.

Accuracy and consistency

Tested with a clean version of Chromium, throtteld at 30Mbps (30720 kbps) the following measurements are done.

Test Server: Amsterdam 5

  1. 33.98Mbps (20 seconds)
  2. 33.9 Mbps (20 seconds)
  3. 33.96Mbps (20 seconds)
  4. 33.92Mbps (20 seconds)
  5. 33.94Mbps (20 seconds)

Tested with a clean version of Firefox, throtteld at 30Mbps (Wi-Fi) the following measurements are done.

Test Server: Amsterdam 5

  1. 34.1Mbps (19 seconds)
  2. 34.25Mbps (19 seconds)
  3. 34.31Mbps (19 seconds)
  4. 34.33Mbps (19 seconds)
  5. 34.27Mbps (19 seconds)

That gives an average of 34.1Mbps and a standard deviation of 0.18Mbps for the downloadspeed. The average and standard deviation for the time required are respectively 20 seconds and 1 seconds.

Note that based on the Chromium measurements the average download speed is 33.9Mbps with a standard deviation of 0.03Mbps. While the Firefox measurements gives an average download speed of 34.3Mbps with a standard deviation of 0.09Mbps.

Based on the measurements noted above you might conclude that the throttling speed of Firefox compared to the throttling speed of Chromium is significant different. The throttling speed of Firefox is 1% more compared to Chromium.