During an investigation into the properties of the SpeedSmart, the following was found in 2022:


With a clean browser on a wired Linux desktop the following download speeds and times it takes to display the final download speed are measured. The results are:

  1. 75.37 Mbps (26 seconds)
  2. 75.08 Mbps (27 seconds)
  3. 75.23 Mbps (27 seconds)
  4. 75.53 Mbps (27 seconds)
  5. 75.55 Mbps (27 seconds)

Accuracy and consistency

Based on the measurements above the median is 75.37 Mbps and the standard deviation is 0.20.

Note that the standard deviation is larger than the significant number. Based on the standard deviaton the result should be presented as 75 * 10^0 Mbps.

Free to use

This speed test is free to use. The following ads are shown:

  1. None, not applicable

Hence this speed earns 1 point.

Easy to use

This speed test works fine in:

  1. Edge on Windows
  2. Chrome on Windows
  3. Chrome on Android
  4. Safari on iOS
  5. Firefox on Linux

According to Google (Gone) and Bing this speed test is mobile friendly.

The Tingtun Page Checker found the following barriers:

  1. Use of pointing-device-specific only event handlers [2.1.1] (15)
  2. Primary language of page [3.1.1] (1)
  3. Define ids for elements [4.1.1] (4)
  4. Provide role name for div/span with event handler [4.1.2] (15)

Hence this speed test earns 0 points.

When you use this speed test for the first time 1 click1 is needed to start the test. A restart of the speed test requires 1 click. Hence this speed test earns 2 points.

Privacy friendly

This speed test requires the following cookies:

  2. uniqueID

Hence this speed test earns 0 points.


This speed test gives the following information:

  1. a progress bar
  2. the upload speed
  3. ping / latency / jitter

Hence this speed test earns 3 points.


The average of the measured time to complete the test is 27 seconds.

Other findings

An analysis of this webpage with ZOMDir's Page Inspector yielded the following findings:

  1. There are one or more findings regarding the alternative texts for images
  2. There are 6 external stylesheets
  3. There are one or more deprecated elements
  4. There are hyperlinks to 4 different domains
  5. There are no email addresses available

Overall score

Based on the above findings and the mutual comparison between the different speed tests, SpeedSmart has earned 12 points.

This puts SpeedSmart in position 3 in this speed test test.