Speed tests to test

A shortlist of speed tests

Exclusion criteria

In the Method of measurement some basic requirements are mentioned.

The most important requirement is that the speedtest is accurate. That is, the speed test should give -in the used test configuration- an internet speed of 56Mbps plus minus 2Mbps.

For this speed test test this list of unique speed tests at ZOMDir.com will be used.

Unique speed tests

View this list at ZOMDir.com

Applying this exclusion criterion on the list of speed tests above (as seen September 2020) gives the following speedtests which gives accurate results:

  1. Comparitech
  2. Internet Speed at a Glance
  3. LibreSpeed
  4. SpeedOf.Me
  5. Speedsmart
  6. TheInternetSpeedTest.com (Gone)
  7. Wi-Fi Internet Speed Test

An indepth look at TheInternetSpeedTest.com and the Wi-Fi Internet Speed Test learns that these speed tests are based on the code used for LibreSpeed. Hence the speed tests TheInternetSpeedTest.com and Wi-Fi Internet Speed Test are removed from the shortlist.