The MyCCI speed test


The cons and pros of the MyCCI speed test:


The main cons are that the MyCCI speed test is slow and isn't privacy friendly (and it has an unclear privacy policy).


A big plus is that the MyCCI speed test is an independent speed test due to the fact that this speed test is an Ookla clone.

The Ookla speed test is number 6 in the top 10 of speed tests, therefore it is advised to use a different and better speed test unless you have a complaint about your internet speed with CCI (Consolidated Communications Inc).

Note that, when your internet speed is lower than expected, more often than not your home network is the bottleneck.

The MyCCI speed test could be found at

Should I use the MyCCI speed test?

Because the MyCCI speed test is an Ookla clone, the advise for using the MyCCI speed test is the following:

  1. When you complain about your internet speed with your ISP it is recommended to use the speed test of your ISP. So when your ISP is CCI (Consolidated Communications Inc) you should use their speed test
  2. Before you argue with CCI, know that in most cases it is your home network that is causing internet problems.
  3. So read the Ultimate Speed Test Test advice on speed tests you could use because Ookla's Speedtest does not come out on top in the ultimate speed test test. The main reason for this is that the Ookla Speedtest is relatively slow. The Ookla Speedtest is not recommended, with 39 seconds to complete the knockout criterion of 30 seconds is not met.

Unclear privacy policy

Note that the following message might pop up when you start the MyCCI speed test:

Certain identifiable data may be collected during the test, such as your IP address, which may be shared with selected third parties. For further information on what is collected and how it may be shared, please see our Privacy Policy

However, ther is no link to CCI's generic privacy policy and it's not very clear what exactly happens when you use the MyCCI speed test.