Which speed tests to test

Based on earlier tests, it is clear that not all speed tests should be tested over and over again. Hence the following criteria for future testing applies:

  1. Only unique speed tests will be tested
  2. Well-known speed tests such as speed tests mentioned in other speed test tests will always be tested
  3. Speed tests we have adviced will always be tested
  4. Speed tests we have recommended will always be tested
  5. Inaccurate speed tests will not be tested
  6. Slow speed tests (slower than 30 seconds) will not be tested
  7. Preferable, the number of speed tests per main speed test caregory is more or less the same
  8. Of course unique speed tests not tested before will be tested

Based on these criteria at least the following speed tests will be tested:

Realistic speed tests

  1. Comparitech
  2. Internet Speed at a Glance (also conservative)
  3. SpeedOf.me


  1. Open Speed Test
  2. Xfinity xFi Speed Test

Mainstream speed tests

  1. Cloudflare
  2. Fireprobe ®
  3. Google Fiber
  4. Measurement Lab (M-Lab)
  5. Meter.net
  6. Ookla Speedtest
  7. SpeedSmart
  8. Testmy.net

Conservative speed tests

  1. Bandwidth Place
  2. Fast

The original list of circa 30 speed tests to test is reduced to 15 speed tests to test.