Speed tests to test

A shortlist of speed tests

Exclusion criteria

In the Method of measurement the some basic requirements are mentioned. When the speed test doesn't match these musts, the speed test is excluded from this test. These basic requirements are:

Basic requirements
  1. The speed test is free
  2. The speed test works in Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  3. The speed test is mobile friendly
  4. Less than 3 clicks are required to start the test
  5. The deviation is less than 20 percent (tested at 30Mbps)
  6. The downloadspeed is available within 30 seconds (tested at 30Mbps)

The question is: "Which speed test will be tested?". Simple said is the answer: "Every unique speed test which pass these basic requirements".

For this speed test test this list of unique speed tests at ZOMDir.com will be used.

Unique speed tests

View this list at ZOMDir.com

Applying the exclusion criteria on the list of speed tests above (as seen July 2020) gives the following results:

  1. N Perf doesn't work with Safari on iOS
  2. Open Speed Test, RCN Speedtest (now: Astound Speedtest and The Internet Speed Test (Gone) are not mobile friendly
  3. TestMy.net requires 3 clicks to start the test
  4. Internet Speed Test - Toast.net and Speedtest4.PHP are not accurate

Hence the following speed tests will be tested:

  1. Bandwidth Place
  2. Comparitech
  3. DSLReports
  4. Fast
  5. Fireprobe ®
  6. Google Fiber
  7. Internet Speed at a Glance
  8. Measurement Lab
  9. Ookla Speedtest
  10. SamKnows Speed Test
  11. SpeedOf.Me
  12. Speedsmart
  13. Xfinity xFi Speed Test