The Bredbandskollen speed test

The first occurence of the Bredbandskollen speed test in the Wayback Machine is September 2018.

Bredbandskollen is a Miscellaneous speed test. Sometimes the results are in line with a mainstrean speed test, sometimes the speed test should be categorized as an ambiguous speed test.

Bredbandskollen is run by The Swedish Internet Foundation. It is therefore not surprising that all test servers are located in Scandinavia (Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm, Sundsvall and Oslo).

From a speed test researcher's point of view, this is an interesting speed test. It is possible to indicate which technique should be used to measure the internet speed.

The following methods are available:

  1. Websockets+HTTP
  2. Websockets (prioritized)
  3. HTTP (prioritized)
  4. Websockets (exclusively)
  5. HTTP (exclusively)

The result page of the Bredbandskollen speed test

Bredbandskollen was the number 4 speed test in the speed test test of 2022.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding the Bredbandskollen speed test.