The OpenSpeedTest™

The OpenSpeedTest™ was created September 2013.

OpenSpeedTest™ is an ambiguous speed test. In other words, the results are often between values expected by mainstream speed tests and realistic speed tests.

Hence the OpenSpeedTest™ is not a recommended speed test. However it could be a base for an excellent speed test.

The OpenSpeedTest logo Besides that another, probably minor, issue is that it is not possible to restart the OpenSpeedTest™ with one click. To restart this speed test you have to click the logo at the left top corner to go to the homepage before you can retest your internet speed.

Your own OpenSpeedTest™

There are several options to host your own speed test based on the OpenSpeedTest™ codebase.

Is is possible to:

  1. Embed the speed test at your webpage
  2. Install the speed test at your own server
  3. Download and install the OpenSpeedTest-Server
  4. Use a Docker image and tweak the source code as available at GitHub

With the later options it might be possible to create a mainstream or a realistic speed test instead of an ambiguous speed test.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding the OpenSpeedTest™.