The Speedtest4.php speed test

Version 4.2fr of the Speedtest4.php speed test has been modified November 6, 2004.

An alternative name for this speed test is "Internet Bandwidth Test". That is the name used in the title tag.

The Speedtest4.php speed test measures 275379.318 kbps. That is 275 Mbps. This value is so different from the speed to be measured (100 Mbps) that this speed test is not recommended.

Because of this weird result Speedtest4,php is categorised as a miscellaneous speed test.

PHP speed tests

PHP is a server sided programming language, however the internet speed is measured at the client side. Hence it isn't a good idea to create a PHP based speed test.

One example is enough isn't it? That is the reason why PHP based speed tests (like this PHP Speed Test) are not tested in the Ultimate Speed Test Test (The PHP Speed Test measures 33 Mbps while the advertised download speed is 100 Mbps).

The speedtest4.php result page

The result page of the Speedtest4.PHP speed test gives a speed of 275 Mbps, while the advertised speed is 100 Mbps

The PHP Speed Test result page

The result page of the PHP Speed Test gives a speed of 33 Mbps, while the advertised speed is 100 Mbps

PHP based speed tests works (sic) even if Javascript is disabled.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding the Speedtest4.php speed test.

Note that speedtest4 might also refer to version 4 of the internet protocol.