The Astound speed test

The first occurence of the Astound speed test (formally the RCN speed test) in the Wayback Machine is August 2008. That makes it one of the oldest speed tests.

Astound is a miscellaneous speed test. This is because with a speed of 50 Mbps, Astound measures 48 Mbps, while with a speed of 75 Mbps, Astound measures 77 Mbps. Hence this speedtest is somewhere between conservative and mainstream.

Despite the slightly outdated, not mobile friendly interface, the results aren't that bad. Although these results (sometimes lower, sometimes higher) are not good enough to recommended this speed test.

With a browserwidth of 1920 pixels, the Astound speed test, looks nice. The Astound speed test as displayed at a large screen

However with a browserwidth of 480 pixels, the Astound speed test, can't be used at all. The Astound speed test at a small screen can't be used at all

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding the Astound speed test.