The speed test is one of the oldest speed tests there is. is founded in 2001. is a mainstream speed test. In other words, the median of the measurements is roughly the advertised speed.

It is hard to say if should be recommended. In some tests the performance was worse, however on average the median of the results is 100% of the advertised speed. a 'sympathetic' speedtest. The reasons?

  1. It is a project of a person (Adam Haken), instead of a company
  2. Attention has been paid to details
    1. The website is available in multiple languages
    2. There is an easy switch between a light and a dark theme
    3. There is an easy to understand Privacy policy and terms of use page
    4. There is a neat Stats page
    5. There is a web-plugin service to add a clone of this speed test at your own site

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding