The Comparitech speed test

The Comparitech speed test became available in 2015.

Comparitech is a realistic speed test. In other words, the results are in line with the real speed as delivered by your ISP.

Comparitech was the number 2 speed test in the updated speed test test of 2020 (number 1 was

Comparitech's speed test is much faster as, however is more accurate.

One drawback of the Compitech speed test is that the interface is not consistent.

The gauge is sometimes showed twice It occurs that, the speed test gauge is displayed incorrectly.

In addition, the order in which the results are displayed during testing and the final result differs.

Also, there is often a small difference between the download speed during testing and the end result. For example, the download speed during testing appears to be 107.95 Mbps, in the final result 108.16 Mbps is shown.

What is Comparitech?

Comparitech is a website that compares technology products like VPNs, Antivirus software, Online backup services and ... Internet Providers.

That is why they offer their own speed test.

Comparitech makes money with affiliate marketing and ads.

However according to Comparitech's Disclosure page analysts are free to say they don't like a product (...) regardless of whether we have an advertiser relationship with that company or not (...).

Comparitech also states: (...) If we link to a product or service, it’s because we believe it’s worth taking a look at in the context of the article or review (...)

Raising money

The Comparitech speed test is the only speed test that raises money for charities (Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Computers 4 Charity).

(...) For each user that runs the broadband speed test, Comparitech donates one cent (US$0.01) to either the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit digital rights advocacy group, or Computers 4 Africa, which funds access to computers in developing nations on said continent (...)

With over the $2,400 donated, it is clear that at least 240,000 unique users has used Comparitech' speed test. Ookla claims to have over 10 million users per day. Compared to this, the number of users of Comparitech's speed test is negligible.

The Comparitech speed test has no added value compared to other speed tests.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding Comparitech's speed test.