The speed test

The speed test is created in 1996. It is therefore the oldest speed test that exists. is a mainstream speed test. In other words, the results are in line with the advertised speed.

What does well is:

  1. giving you the option to test just your download speed
  2. making it possible to select a dark mode
  3. showing you the minimum, middle and maximum speed including the middle variance
  4. allow you to share an image of your speed test results has an unique technology and a nice progress indicator during the test.

The progress indicator of the speed test is tested twice in 2022. In the first test of 2022 it was concluded that the results of where unrealistic low (36 Mbps while the advertised speed was 75 Mbps). Hence this speed test was not recommended.

The generated image of the speed test result However, the second ultimate home network test of 2022 showed that the results matched the advertised speed nicely.

Therefore, the upcoming ultimate speed test test of 2023 will have to provide clarity about the qualities of this speed test.

In the speed test overview you find all findings regarding the speed test.